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  • Approximately 350 children a year are diagnosed with a brain tumour in the UK.
  • Of these 20% are medulloblastoma.
  • It is the most common childhood brain tumour.
  • 60% of children with medulloblastoma will live more than five years after diagnosis.

Help us to research Medulloblastoma


Tribute to William

William was a very active, bright and popular nine year old when in November 2005 he was diagnosed with a brain tumour, medulloblastoma. Less than a year later, William died having fought a courageous and brave battle against the disease.


Raising awareness

Medulloblastoma is the most common primary central nervous system tumour found in children. Although improved treatment over the last 10 years has resulted in significant progress, children whose disease has spread at time of diagnosis have a poor survival rate.


Providing help

Parents/carers of a child diagnosed with a brain tumour will have many questions to ask. Sometimes it helps to talk to other people in a similar position. This forum has been set up by a parent for parents/carers.


Fund raising

Inspired by William’s courage, Maureen, William’s mother, and her family have set up  The Brain Tumour Charity  William Doolin Fund (formerly known as SDBTT William Doolin Fund) to raise funds for research into medulloblastoma.


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